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This Northern Utah Lawn Care website provides users with information about Utah Lawn Care; it is not hard to Find Utah Lawn Care Companies Near You, but to find a reliable company, that is another question altogether. This Northern Utah Lawn Care website is run by Shawn Paskins, and as the owner of Clean Green Lawns he is there to help you with lawn care tips, lawn care advice, for all your Utah lawn mowing needs. With not only invaluable information about lawn care, and yard care, and fertilization on his website he covers lawn care in many areas. If you are looking for a company in any of these areas below, perhaps for lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, yard care, aeration, yard clean up we can definitely assist you.

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Utah - South Ogden - Ogden - North Ogden - Layton - Farmington - Syracuse - Washington Terrace - Pleasant View - Roy - Riverdale - and more.

So remember, if you are looking for a reliable and efficent lawn care company anywhere in Northern Utah, then Clean Green Lawns can definately help you.



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Clean Green Lawns is a independently owned company headquartered in South Ogden. Since 1998 Clean Green Lawns has been giving true service to the people of Weber County, and Davis Count Utah. South Ogden Lawn care is where we call our home but the company currently services over 120 comercial and residential clients through out the state of Utah. Clean Green Lawns combines the advanced management tools, policies and resources to give the best lawn care possible. Clean Green Lawn’s customers are top priority. Layton Utah Lawn Care and Davis County Lawn Care Services are a dime a dozen so check us out today.





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